Climbing Mountains. Building Bridges. Planting Seeds. Internships that make a difference.

Karstaway is a community of adventurers, educators and change makers based in China. We bring people together to learn, to play and to create a stronger future!

Building Bridges

We all become stronger and more creative when we build connections with people different from ourselves!

We believe in connecting people and ideas from all around the world. We all have so much we can learn from each other. We believe that solutions are best achieved though a combination of grit and creativity. That originality comes when we bring diverse people from different disciplines together to share unique perspectives.

Climbing Mountains

We are all capable of reaching greater heights than we ever knew possible!

We believe in giving people the confidence and skills to push themselves to new heights, whether that's in taking up a new adventure sport; learning a new language; or having the strength and resolve to take on local and global challenges.

Planting Seeds

Great transformations grow from tiny seeds of ideas!

We believe in creating the environment for ideas and projects and people to grow. Where handwork, curiosity and a spirit of adventure underline everything that we do.